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1.Be familiar with the performance,parameters,structure and operating principle of the crane required to be installed. 


2.The installation site conditions must be examined in detail.For example,the plane position,elevation and span of rail foundation, crane beam and installation of embedded parts are required.


3.Crane is a kind of security requirement high risk of special machinery and equipment.It must also pass the test of the crane installation.






Liftin (Chongqing) Cranes Co.,Ltd.


LIFTIN is a leading Chinese crane manufacturer with more than two decade experiences, specializing in providing lifting solutions from a simple hoist to large cranes.


With rich experience and professional design, our products can suit various working conditions. We supply solutions for Workshop Facility, Construction, Engineering, Logistic, Marine and Energy Industries, etc.


Excellent quality, swiftly action and customer service are significant driving factors for us to guarantee customer satisfaction.



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